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Top 10 Wireless Technology Companies - 2019

Fast, secure Wi-Fi is what every business wants and needs today. With continual enhancements to wireless networking standards and technologies, speed and security concerns related to wireless solutions have been abated. Today, wireless technology plays a key role in communications, and new forms of it will gain importance in emerging technologies such as drones, robots, self-driving vehicles, and medical devices in the upcoming future. The long time wireless medium Wi-Fi has continued to be the primary high-performance networking technology for homes and offices. To blanket homes with wireless coverage, wireless solution providers have designed mesh Wi-Fi systems that are made up of several networking components that are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password. These systems are geared towards users with little or no technical knowledge and can be installed within minutes.

With a plethora of devices connected to Wi-Fi networks, from laptops, tablets, and smartphones to printers and home assistants, internet of things (IoT) became a reality. Being a widely diverse and multifaceted realm, there is no one-size-fits-all communication solution for IoT. The latest phenomenon in IoT is low power wide area networks (LPWANs), a family of technologies purpose-built to support large-scale IoT networks sprawling over vast industrial and commercial campuses. LPWANs can connect every existing IoT sensor, facilitating a bevy of applications from remote monitoring, smart metering, and worker safety to building controls and facility management.

When it comes to reliable wireless communication, cellular networks are well-established in the consumer mobile market. As 5G cellular systems are starting to be deployed, cellular next-gen 5G with high-speed mobility support and ultra-low latency is positioned to be the future of autonomous vehicles and augmented reality. Cellular network providers are exploring 5G to enable real-time video surveillance for public safety, real-time mobile delivery of medical data sets for connected health, and several time-sensitive industrial automation applications in the future.

A key trend in the wireless universe is the capability of wireless communication systems to sense the locations of the connected devices in their network. Wireless solution providers are designing cost-effective, high-resolution wireless location solutions that can simultaneously track thousands of devices from within the WLAN infrastructure, with high-value asset tracking, IT management, and location-based security features. Customers benefitting from this solution include government organizations and enterprises in the healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing industries.

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Enterprise Networking Magazine’s editorial board has reviewed the top solution providers in the wireless domain. In our selection process, we looked at each of the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions in wireless networking and communication technologies. The shortlisted companies are at the forefront of tackling the challenges associated with wireless technologies by catering to the needs of the enterprise buyers and assisting them with wireless networking solutions and other technical complexities. We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 Wireless Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Wireless Technology Companies

  • Allot Ltd is a provider of leading innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers worldwide, enhancing value to their customers. Their solutions are deployed globally for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, network-based security services, and more. Allot’s multi-service platforms are used by over 500 mobile, fixed and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises. Their industry-leading network-based security as a service solution has achieved over 50% penetration with some service providers and is already used by over 18 million subscribers in Europe. Allot. See. Control. Secure

  • Amplified Wireless Solutions, Inc. (AWS) started in 2017 as a DAS In-Building integrator. It has the ability to provide turn-key solutions or fill in the cracks for more capable contractors. Whether amplification of emergency responder radio coverage or cellular amplification is needed, AWS is uniquely qualified to provide a complete solution for any end-user. AWS are manufacturer certified, FCC licensed, and iBwave Level 3 certified to ensure a best in class solution. AWS has an exclusive blend of experience in the DAS and low voltage construction industry

  • Johanson Technology specializes in designing and manufacturing of wireless and ceramic products such as chip antennas, high-Q/microwave ceramic capacitors, inductors, resistors and more. It aligns its offerings with the needs of various semiconductor organizations to help them develop advanced products and stay abreast of the market changes. The firm offers innovative wireless products such as chip antennas and enhances the efficiency of compact electronic products for operational excellence. It addresses design constraints with regards to the size of antennas for coin cell battery operated products by developing various ceramic chip antennas, which assists different companies in developing compact wireless systems for various wearable products

  • Rajant Corporation has come forth with its patented Kinetic Mesh technology, which allows networks to be fully mobile and operate reliably even in the most demanding environments. The Kinetic Mesh network consists of RajantBreadCrumb (wireless network nodes) and Rajant InstaMesh networking technology. The unique mesh network utilizes any-node to any-node capabilities to instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path and frequency. As a result, all devices connected to the network can maintain continuous connectivity. And unlike other wireless mesh offerings in the market, Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks provide mobile wireless broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof in any application

  • Raycap is a technology solutions provider offering industrial surge protection, connectivity, concealment solutions and telecom, energy and transportation infrastructure solutions that support and protect the world’s critical infrastructure. Since 1987, Raycap has built a worldwide organization with offices and production facilities throughout North America and Europe. The 2018 acquisition of STEALTH Concealment Solutions in South Carolina USA supports Raycap’s initiative to enable the rollout of 5G and next-generation telecommunications networks in North America and beyond. STEALTH was founded in 1992 and pioneered the wireless concealment industry with the country’s first RF-transparent antenna concealment systems

  • Smith Micro believes in creating innovative, scalable business solutions that address the problems and concerns of today’s digital lifestyle. For over 35 years, Smith Micro has been building enterprise and consumer-level products that revolutionize how businesses and customers interact with each other, and with the world around them. While customers learn about featured products and services, they will be gaining valuable insights into their in-store journey. In addition to their mobile solutions, Smith Micro also creates industry-leading graphics tools for animators, illustrators, graphic designers, and students at every level

  • Accuris Networks

    Accuris Networks

    Accuris Networks is a leading provider of carrier-grade Wi-Fi Offload and Roaming Inter-Working solutions not just for data offload but voice and messaging also. It allows GSM and CDMA operators to automatically and securely connect their subscribers to prefer Wi-Fi networks using SIM-based authentication. Besides, Accuris Networks provides solutions for CDMA to GSM roaming, dual-IMSI roaming and Over-The-Air device management. It is led by a team with unrivaled experience in service convergence, and service continuity. The AccuROAM, AccuProfile, and AccuGuard solutions provide competitive, cost-effective platforms that deliver carrier-grade performance

  • Aerohive Networks

    Aerohive Networks

    Aerohive Networks radically simplifies and secures the network that uses Cloud Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. They deliver continuous innovation at Cloud-speed that continually challenges the industry norm, allowing customers to rethink what’s possible. Aerohive gives unrivaled flexibility in the deployment, management, and licensing of Cloud-Managed Wireless, Switching, Routing, and Security solutions. Their innovations and global cloud footprint radically simplify Access Network operation for 30,000+ customers and 10+ million daily users. They work on making their partners more competitive, and the customers’ confidence to make the right choices

  • Airspan


    Airspan is a Leading Vendor of LTE Small Cells and Small Cell Backhaul technologies. Airspan became a standalone company in 1997 and today has more than 1000 customers in over 100 countries around the world. It has a complete range of LTE and 4G Base Stations and complementary small cell backhaul solutions using both LTE Relay and proprietary technologies. The company also addresses non-mobile carrier and private network deployment including the needs of fixed Internet Service Providers, and several vertical market segments including Smart Grids, Public Safety, Transportation and Oil & Gas

  • Allied Telesis

    Allied Telesis

    Allied Telesis has been supplying network communications solutions for over 30 years, engaged in some of the most advanced and innovative next-generation network research. The company focuses on the development and production of more intelligent, autonomously controlled, and managed systems that will be required to meet the demands of a world of Internet Things and smarter everything. The capabilities and performance of next-generation networks will be defined by the software that configures, secures, manages, and automates the infrastructure. Their R&D investments are putting them on the main stage in the exploding era of IoT