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Top 10 Wireless Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Just an idea out on the paper when it started, wireless technology has now become one of the largest bearers of digital data all over the world. It made the functioning of several niches of industries smoother and faster, as every enterprise, large or small, applied wireless technologies to further thrive their infrastructure. To deliver the quadruple play of data, voice, video, and mobility to all organizations today, wireless service providers are providing end-to-end services that enable partners to custom-build wireless solutions that fit the end user’s specific needs.

With the fourth generation wireless 4Gin its last leg, the telecommunication industry is writing the next chapter of telecom networks, 5G. With 5G networks starting to go live across the world, many organizations are still in the dark as to the potential benefits the technology could deliver to their business. To enlighten network operators on the benefits of the new generation of mobile technology, wireless consultancy firms are offering advisory on the latest developments in the mobile network business as well guidance on 4G to 5G migrations. These firms constantly track 3GPP standardization process to provide the latest intel in mobile networking.

Developments in wireless communication, power efficiency, extreme miniaturization, and embedded computing technologies have led to the ascent of viable wireless sensor networks (WSN) for demanding industrial environments. With WSN finding its way into industrial applications, wireless network consultancies are helping businesses tackle WSN issues with services such as analysis and evaluation of existing WSNs, WSN maintenance, application context analysis, and design and realization of new systems, to name a few.

In the age of advanced connectivity, wireless carriers have the constant need to develop new business models and reduce operating costs while still keeping pace with new service offerings.  To help wireless businesses move forward in the midst of intense competition, wireless service companies are offering next gen products and services that leverage the cloud, data analytics, and the latest mobile devices. They offer business process optimization services for efficient time to market as well as money and resource utilization. Wireless consultants offer wireless carriers expert guidance on integration services such as planning and testing, network implementation, network management, and bandwidth issues.

Consultancies and research institutions will have an important role to play in enabling businesses to reap the benefits of 5G. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Enterprise Networking Magazine’s editorial board has reviewed the top consulting/services companies in the wireless services domain. In our selection process, we looked at each of the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible consultation services in managing IT infrastructure and business communication. The shortlisted companies are at the forefront of tackling the challenges associated with wireless technologies by catering to the needs of the enterprise buyers and assisting them to move toward wireless technologies that have higher levels of integration and flexibility. We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 Wireless Consulting/Services Companies - 2019.

    Top Wireless Technology Consulting Companies

  • Sky Packets is dedicated to providing Wi-Fi services to municipalities, cities, state governments, and business improvement districts (BID). The company has carved a niche in the space and enables easy Wi-Fi deployments that help its clients provide a seamless wireless experience to the end-users. Sky Packets being a leading technology partner for designing, installing, and maintaining Wi-Fi deployments can provide a full end-to-end turnkey Wi-Fi solution to fit any needs. Their various wireless services deployments include municipal Wi-Fi (Muni Wi-Fi), BID Wi-Fi, property Wi-Fi, retail Wi-Fi, and more. The client can choose from any of the services they deem suitable

  • RF Works

    RF Works

    RF-WORKS is a company of specialized engineers in enterprise-class wireless. Even though the company’s wireless experience began in 1992, for the last 15 years, RF-Works has amassed invaluable experience in Radio Frequency knowledge and its application into wireless networks. Each customer has a bespoke set of business and therefore, wireless requirements. By focusing on advancing the design, implementation, and management of wireless technology, RF-WORKS has delivered some of the best engineers in the industry. RF-WORKS applies its wireless mastery and offers the right balance of capacity, coverage, performance, availability, and security to create or remediate until the goals are met

  • SRCWireless, LLC

    SRCWireless, LLC

    SRCWireless, LLC is located in Center Point, TX, and was founded by Eric Sigoloff. It carries a simple goal to help businesses utilize technology to enhance their business processes. The company may be new, but Eric has been in this industry for over 20 years. They are a veteran-owned and state-certified HUB business that offers professionally wired and wireless networking installation. They also give consulting services not only across the great state of Texas but throughout the United States. The company delivers complete wireless networking solutions that work

  • Choice Business Connections

    Choice Business Connections

    Choice Business Solutions are authorized to sell and service Ultra Mobile and Metro PCS and is Headquartered in Syosset, NY. The company operates offices up and down the eastern seaboard, serving dealers nationwide. Choice entities employ over 150 dedicated professionals contributing to the growth and financial success of over 2,500 contracted Dealers. Choice Business Connections provides IoT, M2M, Data, and Voice services for IoT and Solution Providers. Choice understands and offers a reliable and trustworthy partnership with competitive pricing for wireless needs. With the seamless and efficient way in which Choice will handle connectivity needs from the very first interaction

  • eWireless


    Being founded in 2002, eWireless is a pioneer in the architecture, management, deployment, and support of innovative wireless broadband solutions. The company provides comprehensive end-to-end services that make any size of wireless deployment painless. From wireless consulting to mapping, installation, management, and support, eWireless can assist at any level. eWireless are experienced in utilizing wireless technologies to their fullest potential to enhance amenities, attract business, gain attention, and increase the bottom line. Offering a wide range of economical business models to help clients, the company achieves multiple goals simultaneously. eWireless is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Fenix Group

    Fenix Group

    Fenix Group is a Virginia based, veteran-owned small business specializing in providing bespoke technology solutions to add value to existing systems, online training platforms, telecommunications, and unparalleled direct support – anywhere in the world. Whether the mission involves communicating with doctors in austere environments, applying technology to monitor a failed state, or performing highly technical tasks in some of the most hostile places on earth, Fenix Group is ready to help you accomplish the mission. The firm’s team members are individually masters of the craft, and hail from highly respected career fields. Fenix’s cadres are made up of former Special Operations Forces veterans, Law Enforcement & Intelligence Professionals, and Humanitarian Aid workers with experience in more than 70 nations

  • Goodman Networks

    Goodman Networks

    Goodman Networks has been trusted by the largest communication companies in the US to provide project management, site searches, engineering, construction, integration, and logistics in support of networks nationwide. The company’s dedicated tower crews and cell site technicians support a range of wireless infrastructure programs, self-performing in 25 states across the eastern half of the US. Supported by mature and highly capable support operation groups, the loyal employees deliver some of the best safety, quality, and on-time performance metrics in the industry. As a result, Goodman Networks has become highly proficient at exceeding customer expectations in complex, multi-technology, and multi-vendor environments across vast geographies

  • Inseego Corporation

    Inseego Corporation

    Inseego Corp. is an industry pioneer that enables high-performance mobile applications for large enterprise verticals, service providers and small-medium businesses around the globe. The company’s product selection consists of Enterprise SaaS solutions and IoT & Mobile solutions, which together shapes the strength Inseego with compelling, intelligent, trustworthy, and secure IoT services with deep business intelligence. The company controls mission-critical functions with a “zero unscheduled downtime” mandate, such as asset tracking, fleet management, industrial IoT, SD WAN failover management, and mobile network services. The solutions are powered by key innovations in purpose-built SaaS cloud platforms, IoT, and mobile technologies, including the newly emerging 5G technology

  • SBA Communications

    SBA Communications

    SBA Communications Corporation (SBA) is an independent owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure – that includes towers, buildings, rooftops, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cells. SBA supports wireless technologies that keep people, businesses, and municipalities connected. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, SBA has operations and offices across North, Central and South America. The company is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol: SBAC and the organization is also part of the S&P 500. SBA leases antenna space on its multi-tenant towers and other structures to a variety of wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts

  • Source 1 Solutions

    Source 1 Solutions

    Source 1 Solutions is a global IT solutions provider specializing in managed IT services and white-label with a technical network spanning across 110+ countries for enterprise & mid-market organizations that specializes in supply chain management, unified communications, data networking, WiFi + data centers, electronic security & network security solutions. The company differentiates its offerings through the breadth and depth of services, combined with the expertise of Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 certified engineers. Source 1 solutions cover all aspects of our clients’ IT needs, including lifecycle management, managed services, managed security, and business continuity