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Michael Androutsos, CFO, Raycap | STEALTHMichael Androutsos, CFO
Large-scale natural disasters like thunderstorms and hurricanes are often a major cause of the disruption of power and telecommunication services, damaging power grid and networking equipment, such as wireless towers, radio transmitters, and the networks that connect them. However, while these occurrences leave behind millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure damages, the disruption of telecommunication services in such emergencies is often one of the most difficult issues on the ground. To help telecommunication organizations protect essential wireless telecom active (radio and transmission) site infrastructure and keep networks operational, international solutions provider, Raycap, offers electrical protection and connectivity systems that are essential to any wireless network. Now leveraging their acquisition of wireless site concealment solutions provider STEALTH Concealment in Charleston South Carolina, Raycap is leading the way in the roll out of next generation networks with its integrated 5G-enabled small cell poles and other site concealment solutions. With this new initiative, Raycap continues the mission it has been on for the past 32 years, to help its wireless customers turn their visions into reality.

“Since 1987, we have been creating solutions that support wireless telecommunications companies and protect their infrastructure from the undesired damage and downtime caused by lightning surges,” says Michael Androutsos, CFO of Raycap Group. The company focuses on delivering custom telecommunication solutions by understanding the various evolving needs and technical specifications of the telecommunications industry.

With offices and manufacturing facilities located in the United States and Europe, Androutsos and his team leverage Raycap’s extensive networking experience to deploy a wide range of wireless equipment and concealment structures with best-in-class product design, expeditious customer service, and a streamlined implementation to ensure continuous network connectivity for its clients.

5G implementation is driving the demand for concealed equipment, including light pole products, which can go unnoticed in the landscape

According to the professionals at Raycap, due to the high frequency of lightning in many areas of the United States, the demand for protected communications equipment in the US is mandatory. “Downtime for a telecom company can pose many problems. Replacing active radio and transmission equipment with the help of emergency service crews, especially when it comes to specialized climbing personnel, is very time consuming and expensive,” adds Androutsos. To avoid such situations and effectuate an uninterrupted networking solution, Raycap’s unique Strikesorb surge protective devices have been integrated into systems on more than 300,000 cell sites in North America alone.

“Alongside the growing macro network of telecommunication architecture in the country, the development of 5G technology is driving the need to now build out more “small cell” sites. These are sites where the antennas and radios are lower to the ground and closer in proximity to one another. 5G implementation is driving the demand for concealed wireless equipment, including light pole products, custom towers, and other unique equipment which can go unnoticed in the landscape,” says Androutsos. With a strong R&D department, Raycap is constantly investigating composite materials that are radio frequency (RF) friendly. With the recent innovation of its patent pending InvisiWaveTM portfolio, full concealment of 5G radios at high frequencies (mmWave) is now available. Raycap ensures that its products are not only operationally effective but also aesthetically pleasing. “While our offerings are well-engineered, we go the extra mile to make them fit in architecturally as well,” he adds.

Moving forward, Raycap is offering an integrated, highly engineered and well thought-through small cell product portfolio that meets both the aesthetic and functionality standards of cities and communities throughout the US, as well as the telecom operators’ need for on-time, large scale, and cost-effective deployment to meet today’s 5G network build out goals.