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Johanson Technology: Innovative Antennas for Combating Wireless Design Challenges

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Scott Horton, Vice President of Marketing, Johanson TechnologyScott Horton, Vice President of Marketing
Wireless networks are the energizers that fuel recent developments in the field of internet of things (IoT), consumer electronics Bluetooth, and other wearable devices. Some of the vital components of this diversified landscape are radio frequency (RF) products that play a crucial role in reducing the size, weight, and cost of semiconductor products, propelling the development of electronic 5G sensors and communications links. Nurturing the development of compact but efficient wireless products, a California-based company—Johanson Technology—is well-positioned to address passive component requirements through its specialization in designing and manufacturing of wireless and ceramic products such as chip antennas, high-Q/ microwave ceramic capacitors, inductors, resistors and more.

Johanson Technology aligns its offerings with the needs of various semiconductor organizations to help them develop advanced products and stay abreast of the market changes. The firm offers innovative wireless products such as chip antennas and enhances the efficiency of compact electronic products for operational excellence. It addresses design constraints with regards to the size of antennas for coin cell battery operated products by developing various ceramic chip antennas, which assists different companies in developing compact wireless systems for various wearable products. “Traditional antennas are not compatible with the macroscopic gadgets and often are larger than the entire system,” says Scott Horton, vice president of marketing at Johanson Technology. To help various organizations scale systems and semiconductor components in proportion with one another, the firm has built a series of tiny chip antennas that empower semiconductor designers to shrink their designs and continue their research and development at a faster rate. Johanson Technology has also developed an antenna overground that allows battery or other circuit components to be placed directly on the other side of the printed circuit boards (PCB), which was a long-standing design constraint with traditional chip antennas.
In order to get the desired radiation pattern, chip antennas typically required a ’no-ground’ area around them to avoid signal distortion. Firms can now integrate Johanson Technology’s antenna into their devices to receive an omnidirectional radiation pattern without the need of any clearance area.

Dedicated to providing high-performance compact passive devices, Johanson Technology offers RF front end integrated passive components such as filters, couplers, and diplexers. Using these products, clients can simplify the design of portable electronic devices, which translates to delivering these systems to the market quicker. The firm’s other major offering is the matched filter balun, which eliminates the need of deploying multiple inductor-capacitor (LC) components between a transceiver and an antenna eliminating the need for discrete designs to combine the balanced transceiver output and provide necessary RF filtering. This enables the manufactures to comply with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and or the European Union ETSI requirements. Johanson Technology also provides High-Q capacitors that offer the lowest loss to improve system performance and amplifier efficiencies. They differ in design and material from the standard ceramic capacitors to deliver better performance metrics. “We enhance the product development process of our clients by providing reliable products through the optimization of ceramics, inks, and RF circuit designs to ensure that they can get a high level of performance and very consistent passive component performance over time,” says Horton.

Prior to delivering its bespoke products, Johanson Technology conducts various one on one interviews and client to understand their requirements and then engage with its development team to devise new and innovative products. Eventually, it provides integrated passive solutions typically within a timeframe of three to five months depending upon the complexity, which improves the performance of their clients’ systems.

Johanson Technology is further working on enhancing its production capacity and adding base metal electrode (BME) capabilities in its factories to gain a competitive advantage in the wireless technology marketplace. For the future, the firm is committed to translating its clients’ needs into quality electronic components and improving their product consistency and reliability. “To continue our growth curve, we have several products in the pipeline that will help us drive significant business growth, well above average, when compared to our peers,” concludes Horton