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Amplified Wireless Solutions: Proactive DAS Integrators

Lance Marcum, Owner & Jim Muzynoski, Owner, Amplified Wireless SolutionsLance Marcum, Owner & Jim Muzynoski, Owner
In the modern world, staying connected without any hassle is not only a luxury but also a necessity. Be it for corporate operations or delivery of critical information during emergencies, there is a surging nationwide need for DAS (distributed antenna system), which improves wireless signal coverage in areas with poor connectivity through a network of small antennas. In 2017, Jim Muzynoski and Lance Marcum combined their DAS business management and low voltage contract experience, respectively, to incept Amplified Wireless Solutions (AWS) for seamless DAS integrations. Throughout their long years of experience in the field, they observed that many integrators in the market lacked the complete understanding of integrating DAS systems with new projects.

“The biggest frustration among our customers is that they don’t know how to integrate DAS and use it to its maximum potential,” says Jim Muzynoski, the owner of AWS. Despite DAS being five percent of their work, most electrical contractors end up spending about one-third of their time to integrate the system with their other constructions. “We reduce their time expenditure to zero percent.” During installations in new construction projects, working with different contractors often causes schedule interruptions as other construction trades are required to complete their work. Large enterprises looking to adopt DAS expect the installation process to cause no interference in the daily routine of their employees.

Unlike most of its competitors who wait for customers to call and inform about the work needed to be done, AWS takes a proactive approach to complete its projects. Focusing on speed, accuracy, and transparency, the company carries out the various tasks such as system design, components installation, and timely communication with other construction teams to keep them informed of the ongoing steps.

While many integrators in the market take a one-size-fits-all approach to DAS implementation, AWS works on providing solutions tailored to the customer needs

In case of abrupt changes in schedule, AWS can respond swiftly to customer requirements, and its proactive communication eliminates all confusions. “In other words, while many integrators in the market take a one-size-fits-all approach to DAS implementation, AWS works on providing solutions tailored to the customer needs,” says Muzynoski.

AWS has an extensive client base inclusive of schools, universities, hospitals, and Fortune 500 companies that need enhanced cellular and emergency responder systems. Schools across the nation today are primary targets for gun-related violence, and clear communication channels are imperative for emergency responders to tackle the adverse situation. AWS has catered to various school districts with emergency responder radio coverage and cellular systems that are aligned with the priority initiatives taken by schools. The company takes pride in making schools safer by enabling easy communication for emergency responders through its dedicated solutions.

AWS has grown significantly in the last two years, expanding to the states of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Texas, and Virginia. In delivering solutions with uncompromised quality on time, the company charges a static price without any change orders. Its proven solutions have ensured repeat businesses, and clients are eager to collaborate with AWS on multiple projects.

Currently, AWS is focused on the advancements in 5G connections. The company is planning to develop solutions around 5G technology and is exploring ways in which it can serve the DAS landscape. Its impressive growth over the last two years is because of its pragmatic approach to project acquisition and execution. Today, AWS can work on both small and large projects to help the corporate and communities with superior and unhindered communication, even during emergency situations.