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Erez Antebi, CEO, AllotErez Antebi, CEO Enterprises today are experiencing an increasing amounts of information and traffic, the prominent use of shadow IT, data sharing through sanctioned and unsanctioned apps, and a massive increase in connectivity, as many enterprises allow users to connect to their networks using their own devices. That being said the visibility, control, and security of all the traffic in a network would allow enterprises to align application performance to their business priorities and to protect its users and business from the growing menace of cyber threats.

In this situation, only the right integrated solution can help organizations achieve a unified view of their business ecosystem, gain a competitive advantage, and stay at the leading edge of agility, innovation, and productivity.

Against this backdrop, Allot, a provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions is creating waves worldwide. Since 1996, the company has been globally deploying solutions for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, network-based security services, and more. “Allot’s multi-service platforms are deployed by over 500 mobile, fixed and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises. Our industry-leading network-based security as a service solution has achieved over 50 percent penetration with some service providers and is already used by over 21 million subscribers in Europe,” explains Erez Antebi , CEO of Allot.

Allot’s Secure Service Gateway is a platform that delivers comprehensive network visibility, security, and control in a single, scalable appliance. The platform enables enterprises to enhance productivity and protect their networks and users against DDoS attacks and web threats cost-effectively.


With the Secure Service Gateway platform, enterprises can generate real-time and long-term monitoring reports of network traffic for effective over-viewing, navigation, and drill-down. As a result, the platform facilitates fast diagnosis and resolution of network problems. Assisting in accurate data analysis and planning of network capacity.

Allot’s Security Service Gateway platform delivers this by using a full seven+ layer visibility of application QoE, capacity utilization, and network health. The Microsoft ActiveDirectory-integrated with the platform provides traffic intelligence per user and per user group—helping leaders understand how employees consume cloud applications and bandwidth resources. This granular level of visibility enables firms to identify and pinpoint the causes of service degradation and proactively resolve the problems at their source.

“The migration mobility and cloud applications, and the increasing trend of BYOD amongst employees have introduced Quality of Experience, security, and shadow IT challenges for enterprise networks,” says Antebe. These trends are advantageous for cybercriminals and provide them lucrative motivation to operate their nefarious activities by ransoming data and endpoints using ransomware. Thus, providing robust security is imperative to maintain the integrity of any network, meet users’ expectations without compromising network and application performance.

Allot's Secure Service Gateway is a platform that delivers comprehensive network visibility, security, and control in a single, scalable appliance

Allot Secure Service Gateway employs carrier-proven anomaly detection technologies to protect customer networks and data center resources against DDoS and bot attacks that are designed to flood networks and disrupt service availability. To ensure no threat goes undetected, every in-bound and the out-bound packet is inspected. The platform’s dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of DDoS attack packets avoids over-blocking and allows only legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping businesses online and protected at all times. Allot also help you pinpoint host infection and abusive behavior according to abnormal out-bound connection activity and malicious connection patterns, so you can treat the root cause of outbound spam, worm propagation, and port scanning, and eliminate the additional and superfluous load it puts on your network. When combined with DPI-based traffic management, the Secure Service Gateway engine limits traffic so that accidental or intentional traffic anomalies overwhelm no networked resource. Allot Secure Service Gateway provides up to 30 Gbps of DDoS mitigation capacity it supports asymmetric traffic for complex data center deployments and provides detailed postmortem analytics.

Flexible and Dynamic Control

By applying acceptable use policy tools for shadow IT, BYOD, and resource usage—Allot Secure Service Gateway maintains optimal network efficiency and performance while meeting the specific needs and business priorities of your organization. The platform safeguards users’ quality of experience by controlling, prioritizing, and blocking bandwidth availability according to enterprise needs. Furthermore, in order to achieve this, Allot Secure Service Gateway uses access virtualization to manage the Internet, LAN, and WAN resources to multiple users and applications. This creates virtual instances of Internet and WAN access links that operate and controlled completely independent of one another.

Allot IT staff assigns appropriate SLA policies to the different applications and users accessing the private or public cloud, taking into account both the inherent requirements of all applications, together with their importance to the business.
The SLA policy may control several factors such as bandwidth allocation, QoS, forwarding priority, and others. Furthermore, service Levels include an automatic enforcement triggers such as temporary rate limiting and blocking access to recreational apps.

Success Story

As a testament of Allot’s ability in successfully helping clients and to further illustrate, a large cargo transportation firm began complaining about how slow response time from critical applications was affecting their ability to meet SLAs and deliver high-quality service, the client company and the Group CIO, began to investigate. Allot was called in by system integrator RSM Consulting and solutions distributor Miel after they were unable to find the root cause. Allot had three tasks ahead of them—to address the congested network, guarantee QoS for remote sites and business-critical application, improve overall QoE without adding more bandwidth capacity.

Allot started by providing a granular overview, Layer-7 visibility through the deployment of Allot Service Gateways, to identify and pinpoint the factors of the congestion. The results surprised the client’s in-house IT team revealing—33 percent of the WAN traffic was generated by remote endpoints synchronizing MS Windows and Office 365 files. Microsoft SMB File Sharing and desktop anti-virus updates were also consuming valuable WAN bandwidth, and VPN applications were being used to bypass the local proxy and hide recreational Internet activity.

"The platform's dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of DDoS attack packets avoids over-blocking and allows only legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping businesses online and protected at all times"

Using Allot visibility, security, and control solutions client is now able to see and control critical cargo applications and Office 365 performance for each of the service sites. Reduce bandwidth costs by prioritizing business-critical applications and rate-limiting others, saving significant costs. Enhance business productivity by reducing recreational Internet use and other productivity distractions without over-blocking. Quickly identify and fix problems proactively before they impact business productivity and service quality.

Moving forward, as Allot crosses its 23-year mark—the company over the years has undergone several disruptions on both the technology as well as the business front. Currently, Allot is keen on signing new partnership agreements; the firm is excited to be a key technology partner with the Japanese tech-giant, Rakuten Mobile, and plans to disrupt the Japanese mobile market.“We are pleased that our security offering aligns seamlessly with Rakuten Mobile’s business goals and we look forward to the opportunity for our scalable solution to grow in tandem with Rakuten Mobile’s users,” said Antebi.
- Lester D Souza
    July 30, 2019

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